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Social Ventures for Hives

A Hive is a sustainable approach to a community's critical social issues.

Hives reimagine and update existing structures to benefit the entire

geographic area and address critical social issues within the community.

Below are a few concepts for Hives:

Hotel & Spa


  • One for profit, full-service hotel with a professional hotel management team

  • Two limited-service hotels for student housing and training facilities

  • Apartment community for students with children


In addition to providing training for all departments and levels of hospitality management, The hotel provides training, professional certifications and entrepreneurial opportunities for a multitude of occupations in Hospitality, Culinary, Healing/Spa Therapies and Treatments, HVAC, Audio/Video, Commercial Equipment Repair, Engineering, Landscaping and Pool Maintenance.  


Business and entrepreneurial ventures can also be explored and realized by those who want to experience the New American Dream!


The Hotel project is a workforce development solution for veterans, persons reentering society and the homeless. Revenues generated by the hotel help sustain the programs, create social change, and benefit everyone!

Inspiration Incubator

The Inspiration Incubator aids in the reentry of homeless persons and other at-risk adults. It helps develop opportunities to create abundance and social change through social entrepreneurial ventures and small business startups.  

This model provides student housing, workspaces, mentorship, education, resources and experiential learning opportunities to help ideas take shape during the early stages of business incubation. 


The Inspiration Incubator is an empowering and fulfilling opportunity for those who want to be a part of the solution. Startup funding is available for innovative social ventures and franchises, and equipment and startup grants are available for entrepreneurs who successfully complete certification courses. 

The Inspiration Incubator is a dream come true for job creation and positive social community development!

 Thrivers' Web

A Path Out of Human Trafficking


  • One limited-service hotel for high security student
    housing and training facilities

  • Secure surveillance center and training
    facilities separate from housing

  • Remote video monitoring and surveillance equipment

Human trafficking thrivers work together to create a sustainable nationwide network for human trafficking surveillance. Thrivers' Web installs and monitors remote video surveillance systems at bus stations, airports, hotels, motels, truck stops, parking lots and other human trafficking hotspots.


Thrivers' Web is a nonprofit organization that trains, empowers and pays survivors to identify traffickers and their victims. Service contracts with hotels, airports, and community associations make this social venture sustainable and scalable!

Job and social franchise opportunities with training abound for thrivers who work to free others!

Care Day

Marisabel's Care Day is a sustainable, experiential learning program that brings rescued dogs, puppies and kittens to children in care including residential treatment centers, group homes, daycares and after school programs.


The mission is to bring love and joy into the lives of children and rescued pets and to teach children how to whisper to animals and how to be responsible pet caretakers.

Marisabel's Care Day collaborates with 4-H, animal rescues and schools. Job and social franchise opportunities with training for thrivers who love animals and want to help children connect!

Social Ventures: What We Do
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