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New Independent Business Owners

The Community Building Evolution has begun and you're invited!

☑ No Business Experience Needed

☑ No Age Limits 

☑ Discretion not Discrimination

☑ Be Independent

☑ Do the work you LOVE - No more Sales, Bookkeeping or Tax Prep

☑ No Transportation Required

☑ Access to Equipment

☑ Clients Ready & Able to Hire

☑ Youth Guilds, Community Education & Childcare Available

☑ Cost - However much EFFORT you want to Invest in Yourself

Want to know how to inspire and strengthen your community by fashioning new, independent work opportunities

for New Independent Business Owners?

Build a Hive!
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How to Build a Hive


Social unification and stability starts with identifying Collaborators and Queen Bees, a.k.a. social entrepreneurs, in your community.

Queen Bees identify critical social issues in their communities, then dedicate themselves to creating a unifying solution (Honeycomb) to strengthen their community for the benefit of everyone (the Hive). Queen Bees are vital to the wellbeing of our communities and Ventana del Soul honors and supports their local community efforts (Gardens) by providing the guidance and framework needed to create Hives and easy access to funding.


As a Queen Bee you will have access to people who have the knowhow, as well as abundant funding and political support to build your community's hive. Simply follow the steps and watch your community come to life!

Queen Bees thrive in diversity and their projects create the kind of social change that benefits everyone! We work with everyday people, students, retired seniors, the unemployed, veterans, persons reentering society and the homeless regardless of age, race, gender, gender expression, national origin or ancestry, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or religion.

Ready to build a Bee-utiful Hive for your community?

Let's get Buzzy!

Image by Fabian Keller

It's a big job - but you're gonna love every minute of it!

The Queen Bees and Collaborators in your community complete a Hive Questionnaire to identify your community's critical social issues, needs and opportunities.

The Hive Questionnaire is a template provided by Ventana del Soul to help Queen Bees and Collaborators:​

  • Organize their community's interests, issues and needs

  • Identify a minimum of three guilds for your Hive

  • Locate existing buildings and equipment that would fit the needs of each guild

  • Create a comprehensive list of Independent Business Opportunities within the Hive

  • Identify stakeholders within the community including clients, students, citizens of all ages, local businesses, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, etc.

Image by Mark Landman



When your Community Evolution Plan goes forward with funding Ventana del Soul will award an initial $36,000 to help with your Hive's startup!

Below are just a few of the sweet community benefits your Hive will deliver:

  • Successful workforce development for the unemployed, homeless and reentering citizens 

  • Low unemployment

  • Less homelessness

  • Reduced drug addiction

  • Less crime and reduced recidivism

  • Higher quality of life and standard of living

  • Cleaner, safer and more economically vibrant community life

  • High job satisfaction and performance

  • Community synergy 

  • Active and vibrant senior living

  • Inspired and engaged youth

  • Positive social outlets

  • High social interaction and less loneliness 

  • Less dependency on over burdened social services

  • And a hive full of happy workers, customers, citizens, constituents, and taxpayers!

Image by Sharon McCutcheon


All Queen Bee Hives have a minimum of three guilds that generate revenue and fund the Hives' charitable activities. 


Sustainable Hive Examples:

  • Guilds may produce high quality, "Made in USA" brands for large retailers

  • A Hive may purchase and manage a full-service, luxury hotel. The hotel would be managed by a professional hotel management company to ensure profitability, but it seconds as a platform for training. Proceeds from hospitality services cover costs for its charitable activities. 

Image by Kieran Murphy


Ventana del Soul does not charge for consulting or other services. We raise funds through the sale of our Bee Harmony Bells produced by state prison industries.


100% of Bee Harmony Bell proceeds support Queen Bee Hives and Butterfly Garden Projects. Bee Harmony Bell proceeds award communities with $36,000 in startup funds for their successful submission of Community Evolution Plans.

The more Bee Harmony Bells we sell,

the more our communities thrive - Sweet!

Preorders for Bee Harmony Bells will be available soon. 

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