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Ventana del Soul collaborates with a wide range of business management companies to manage Queen Bee projects locally, regionally and nationally. Though Ventana creates practical solutions to some of the most critical social issues of our time, it's our collaborators who have the knowhow and love for their community that put these solutions into action. Unlike volunteers, collaborators are paid to do the work they love!

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We provide all of the services students may need during their nine months of professional training including housing, meals, clothing, personal grooming, etc. At the end of the nine months each person is ready to be a productive citizen and a small business owner. Ventana students who successfully complete the nine month training also enjoy ongoing business support services such as bookkeeping, financial planners, equipment, etc. so they can focus on the work they love and ultimately live new, prosperous and fulfilling lives.

Their success depends on collaborative partners who have business management experience and an interest in helping communities heal and prosper.

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  • Management companies to create business plans for Ventana del Soul's urban and rural flagship projects and franchise models for projects around the world.

  • Professional opportunities for individuals, corporations, community leaders and management companies. 

  • Management companies in a wide range of fields including:
    - Hotel Management
    - Restaurant Management
    - Retail Space Management
    - Association Management
    - Nursing Home Management*
    - Medical Partnership Management
    - Financial Planning & Management
    - Franchise Management

  • Other Professionals:
    - Chiropractors
    - Acupuncturists
    - Reiki Specialists
    - Massage Therapists
    - Physical Therapists
    - Hair Stylists