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Hives & Community Evolution Plans

Ventana del Soul provides community development and workforce development solutions that create social unification and stabilization.

Our goal is to help communities across the United States create a Community Evolution Plans to address critical social issues and to develop three or more working guilds (Hives) to boost their local economies. 

To start a Community Evolution Plan communities need to fill out Ventana del Soul's Hive Questionnaire (coming soon).

The Hive Questionnaire helps Queen Bees and Collaborators:​

  • Organize their community's interests, issues and needs

  • Identify a minimum of three guilds for your Hive

  • Locate existing buildings and equipment that would fit the needs of each guild

  • Create a comprehensive list of Independent Business Opportunities within the Hive

  • Identify stakeholders within the community including clients, students, citizens of all ages, local businesses, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, etc.

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The Community Evolution Plan

Seven steps to complete a Community Evolution Plan:

  1. Identify and recruit a Queen Bee (social entrepreneur) in your community to champion your community's evolution

  2. Identify the critical social issues, needs and opportunities in your community

  3. Complete a Hive Questionnaire and choose at least three guilds for your Hive

  4. Submit the Hive Questionnaire to an approved Association Management Company (AMC)

  5. The AMC will develop a Community Evolution Plan complete with financials and market analysis and submit it to your team for review.

  6. Once approved, the Evolution Plan is submitted to Ventana del Soul for final approval and funding.

  7. When your Community Evolution Plan goes forward with funding Ventana del Soul will award an initial $36,000 to help with your Hive's startup! 

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What is a Guild?

A Guild is an association of craftsmen and merchants formed for mutual aid and protection and for the furtherance of their professional interests. Guilds flourished in Europe between the 11th and 16th centuries and formed an important part of the economic and social fabric in that era. (definition by

Ventana del Soul's Hives are social ventures designed to create guilds that work together. Hives with at least three guilds develop, grow and create positive change within the entire community. Though the Hive's guilds work toward a common goal, each guild has a specific mission within the community and a social aspect with creative community activities and experiential learning opportunities.


Communities with a Hive transform into catalysts for prosperity, sustainability and resilience for the benefit of everyone. It's a world where individuals work as independent business people AND as members of their community.

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Guild Membership Benefits

Enjoy Comprehensive Guild Benefits
Guild Members emphasize safety and pride themselves on setting quality standards for their industry. All Guild Members share a dedication to professionalism and expertise and the Guild Community provides its members with training, qualified clients for steady work, business and financial services, rate structures that promote independence, and a clear path to success.

In addition to the above, our guilds provide an exceptional benefits package for our members and their families.

Benefits Include:

  • Full Package of Business & Financial Services

  • Access to Equipment

  • Clients Ready & Able to Hire

  • Youth Guilds, Community Education & Childcare Available

  • Access to Health / Dental / Vision Care

  • Prescription Drug Plan

  • Short-term Disability Options

  • Social Activities and Events for Members and their Families

Cost - However much EFFORT you want to Invest in Yourself

Guilds provide training and the much-needed business support services for independent businesses, contractors, and craftsmen. 


Guild masters and journeymen come from a wide range of industries and professions, have multiple years of experience and are ready to help apprentices become independent business owners.

Guild philosophy centers on training and nurturing each member so they can advance within the guilds they choose. Do the kind of work you love and discover other work opportunities you’d like to try. Work on your schedule and take family duty breaks and vacations when you want.  

Receive free In-depth training and individual guidance, and gain access to advanced tools and resources and an inspiring culture that results in consistent career progress, income growth, and higher job satisfaction.


By providing business support services, the guild plays an active role in keeping guild members working …and providing for their families. We work with individuals who like to work independently or with a team of likeminded professionals. Either way, your guild is here to support your hard work so you can focus on the work that will help achieve an unprecedented level of service excellence for clients and abundance for you and your family. 


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Hire Motivated Independent Business Owners

Guilds extend far beyond providing high-caliber, skilled professionals when and where they’re needed, they provide the business services each guild member needs to be successful and independent so your company can easily meet several critical business objectives:

  • Maximize Workforce Productivity

  • Reduce Hiring Costs and Challenges

  • Minimize Overtime and Workers’ Comp Costs and Exposure

  • Control Rising Benefits Expenditures

  • Reduce SUTA/Unemployment Costs

  • Lessen Regulatory Compliance Risk

  • Easily Right-Size Your Workforce

  • Get the highest-caliber craftsmen you need and the strategic workforce approach you need for maximum profitability

  • Guild members are insured / bonded and have access to OSHA Safety Training (10 hours)

  • On-Demand Access to Guild Members and Craftsmen

  • Guild Members and Craftsmen supply their own tools, equipment, and supplies and come prepared with general personal protective equipment

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Combining Guilds to Make a Hive

Three guilds working together as a Hive are synergistically prosperous and contribute greatly to the larger community. In the areas of economic development and workforce development communities with Hives realize less unemployment, homelessness, drug addiction and crime.

How do Hives and Guilds generate revenue for its members and its charitable services?
Independent businesses within an industry guild contribute a percentage of their time to work on their guild's products, services or brand for the collective. Products and services produced by the guild generate revenue to...

  1. pay the guild members for their labor and/or services

  2. cover guild expenses

  3. pay for all of the business services provided to its members​

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Choosing Guilds for Your Hive

All guilds provide career opportunities and training for new independent business owners. The broad categories below are only a few options to consider when designing your Hive. However, it is good to keep in mind that Hives with a strategic combination of guilds that are also within walking distance of each other offer greater community benefit and member value.

EXAMPLE RURAL HIVE & COLLABORATION: A Rural Hive may combine a Sewers Guild, a Potters Guild, a Building Trades Guild, a Business Services Guild and a Good Foods Guild for their local Hive. The Potters Guild partners with other Potters Guilds within the region to produce a large product order placed by another Hive’s Retail Guild. The Retail Guild benefits all area Hives greatly with its high traffic brick and mortar location and strategic online marketing.

EXAMPLE URBAN HIVE: A large city may have several Urban Hives with a wide variety of products and services. Urban Hives may combine a Hospitality Guild, a Building Trades Guild, a Sewers Guild, an Auto Services Guild, a Healers Guild, a Good Food Guild and a large Retail Guild to have a diverse selection of training opportunities for their members. 

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Important Guilds to Consider

  • Community Industry & Tourism Guilds produce products and services unique to a community (List of Guilds)

  • Rural & Urban Co-operative Retail Guilds provide online and brick and mortar retail services to Hives on a local or global scale. 

  • Ecotourism Guilds offer products and services that utilize a community's natural environment for observation and enjoyment of nature and wildlife. In addition, Ecotourism Guilds provide training and experiences in sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, and other projects that benefit the local community and support conservation efforts. 

  • Good Foods Guilds empower urban and rural communities to grow and prepare sustainably grown, healthy food. Good Foods Guilds also provide experiential learning opportunities for creating gardens and for addressing community health and diet issues.

  • Business Services Guilds provide bookkeeping, tax preparation, client services, legal services, business insurance, financial planning, marketing, etc. for its members so they can focus on the work they love!

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In addition to providing necessary business services to guild members each guild has social and learning activities for Hive members and the local community. A few examples of Guilds and the services they may help Independent Businesses deliver are listed below:

Labor Services Guild

  • Garden Services

  • Lawn Services

  • Power Washing

  • Exterior Window Washing

  • Mobile Car Washing

  • Mobile Oil Change

  • Tree Trimming

  • Exterior House Painting

  • Interior House Painting

  • Carpet Cleaning

  • Hauling / Moving

  • Handiman Services

  • Pest Control Services

  • Trash Services

Business Services Guild

  • Bookkeeping Services

  • Printing Services

  • Retail Services

  • Communications

  • Courier Services

  • Shredding Services

  • Concierge Services

  • Customer Services

  • Legal Business Services

  • Logistics Services

  • Inventory Services

  • Management Services

  • Photography Services

  • Editorial / Publishing Services

  • Brand, Website & Design Services

Skilled Services Guild

  • Renewable Energy Installers

  • HVAC Repair & Maint. Services

  • Plumbing Services

  • Electrical Services

  • Carpentry Services

  • Masonry Services

  • Construction Services

  • Window Installers

  • Welding Services

  • Tile / Flooring Services

  • Roofing Services

  • Trucking / Logistics

  • Tree Services

  • Commercial Sewing Services

  • Restaurant Services

  • Hospitality Services

  • Automotive Services

Good Foods Guild

  • Community Sustained Agriculture (CSAs)

  • Market Coops

  • Personal Chef / Meal Prep

  • Distribution Services

  • Administrative Services

  • Shopping Services

  • Food Pantries

  • Homeschool Meals

Domestic Services Guild

  • Housing

  • Child Care Services

  • Elder Care Services

  • House Cleaning

  • Bed Linen Changing Services

  • Interior Window Washing

  • Dog Washing / Petsitting

  • Personal Chef / Meal Prep

  • Laundry / Alteration Services

  • Transportation Services

  • Administrative Services

  • Shopping Services

Wellness Guild

  • Gyms & Yoga Studios

  • Acupuncturists

  • Chiropractors

  • Reiki Practitioners

  • Physical Therapists

  • Dieticians

  • Yoga | Tai Chi | Qigong Instructors