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Sweet Opportunity


to create...


Community Evolution
Business Plans
a.k.a. Bee Plans

What does a Bee look like?

  • Students in public, private, home school
    (grades 1 - 12) 

  • Anyone who cares about unifying the world with its many different peoples, animals, cultures and economies


NOTE: Bees do not need to read, write or do math to participate, but having fun and being creative are highly encouraged. Remember that if you're not having fun you're not doing it right.

What's a Bee Plan?

Bee Plans address critical social issues in your community and empower community members of all ages to…

  • be independent business persons

  • benefit, socialize and thrive instead of working to survive

  • cherish and protect the earth and its animals

  • Make a Difference & Improve the World!


This is your opportunity to work with like-minded students to create the kind of community you want to experience!

What does a successful Bee Plan do?

The Bee Plan we help you develop lays out the design for your evolved community which no longer has critical social issues such as hunger, unemployment, addiction, homelessness and crime because everyone’s needs are met.

Can our Bee Plans become a reality? YES!

$36,000 in Seed Funding Awarded Instantly
to each viable Bee Plan
that follows Bee Plan Guidelines​


You provide the creative approach that works for your community and Ventana del Soul provides the business plan format and step-by-step guidance via online conferences.

Number of Awards: UNLIMITED
Bee Plans Due: EARTH DAY 
at 12:00 p.m. EST

Earth Day is Friday, April 22, 2022

Now get some friends together and

Let’s get BUZZZY!!!

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